Smart lamps – the Intelligent lighting for your interior dwelling places

In the current rise of technological advancements it is necessary for you to take this to your interior dwelling places. I have brought to you the current trends in what is called smart lighting.

This gives you the ability to control light using your digital devices either in your hand or installed in your living room. Smart lighting is necessary in that it gives you a sense of control of surroundings and gives you another strength every day.


This has been achieved by the use of what is called smart lamps. These smart lamps offer you an interactive lighting control using software embedded in your handset. Smart lamps can be switched and off using these software.

The color given by these smart lamps can be varied in some cases by varying the color in the software. The intensity of these smart lamps could be changed too by changing the intensity in you handset. For those who are curious on how these Smart lamps work I will mention a few things that make it work .


Basic underlying principle of smart lamps is that they can sense sound or pressure and hence they can be controlled from these principles. Smart lamps have been employed in various suitable application some even for security purposes.

Finally i would advise you to extend smart lamps to your dwelling places and enjoy various benefits associated with this. this includes control and energy saving for your interior.

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