10 great spots to place Side table lamps

It is a long known tradition that side table lamps suit well on reading tables. That’s right as long as the lamp is placed properly; slightly higher than its stand, your reading table is good to go.

Also, consider using the right LED light for your sight. For example people with poor vision and other sight problems should use brighter lights; but in general, a reading light should not exceed 600 lumens.

side table lamps photo - 2

Next to decoration

Beautiful lights next to decoration can create a little heaven in your house. Accent lighting is perfect for home use. This is because it highlights architecture details and brings symmetry to the room.

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In one of the living room corners

The beauty of a side table lamp is that it can change a bad décor design to a classy look. That’s the reason you need it in the area where you and your guests first arrive. Great design will reflect beauty. For instance, If your table lamp has jewel tones, they will illuminate jewels across the room.

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