Crystal chandelier table lamps – 15 ways to make any home shine crystal clear

Crystal chandelier table lamps will make any home look simply divine. There pure aesthetic appeal alone is enough to make your neighborhood adore the small lamp standing gracefully in the bay window.

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Glistening Little Crystal Sun-catchers

When a crystal chandelier table lamp is placed on a table or any surface where it will be near natural light. On a quite sunny day , each and every crystal of this lamp will reflect the sunlight. Your room will glisten and shimmer with little dancing rainbows.

This is what occurs naturally during the reflection on glass from the sunlight, you see the entire color spectrum . Where is the need for a light bulb when nature does the work.

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Chic And Classic

There is nothing modern about this type of lamp. Does that make it ugly and means it must be thrown away. Not by far. Remember and appreciate the classic and chic period of which the crystal chandelier became popular.

This element of crystal was what made this lighting fixture so popular. That is so pure,gorgeous, and elegant. Crystal chandelier table lamps, crystals chandeliers, even crystal wall sconces were daintily placed through dinner halls, dance halls, of if you had money you had style.

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Classic Into Modern

Adore the idea of the crystal lamp, but you want to create something unique and suits your personality. That is easy. If you have a green thumb when it come to being creative and do it yourself projects, this should be simple. Just have an idea in mind of what colors, shape, and size you want your lamp to be.

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Take a trip to your favorite craft store to pick up everything you will need. This is the best part, because, if you have chosen to use colored crystals you get to see how lovely they all are right there. So you can be content with your deisgn.

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