10 Perfect Places To Use Shabby Chic Floor Lamps In A Home

Long gone are the days that lamps were used for the sole purpose of reading in a home. With the rise of floor lamps standing out as decor pieces, shabby chic floor lamps have taken their place in homes.
However even with such beautiful pieces in your possession, placing it correctly is vital to make it a beautiful decor piece.

Window placement

Window treatments extend further into more than curtains and sheers, as the surrounding areas need to look the part. In this case two shabby chic floor lamps will make the space shine during the night, as day-time is already covered.

Sofa-set placement

With most sofa-set placement basically sitting at the center of the room, the wall floors are left hanging dry while beautiful artwork is displayed on the walls. Shabby chic floor lamp will fit the space perfectly, giving life to an otherwise blank floor space.

Dining room setting

It is agreeable to state that chandeliers have been overused when it comes to dressing dining rooms. With Shabby Chic Floor Lamps acting as the perfect replacement, they can be place adjacent to the dining room tables, completing the look.

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