Rustic wooden wall lights – give your simple wooden wall a lovely look

Certainly, we all need light in our houses, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. some people will buy lights to illuminate their room while others will buy them for decorating the house.

Rustic wooden wall lights are best suited to wooden structures while another metallic suite structure. For our case let’s consider some lights for your rustic wooden wall.

rustic wooden wall lights photo - 1

The Cadagon wall lamps

Rustic wooden wall lights have a round glass with a steel rim, wall mount, and an arm. They mostly appear in smoky fire side grey color and has an off-on switch on edge.

rustic wooden wall lights photo - 3

French white wooden square wall light

The light is simple with a white shade and a simple square base. The base has a vent which allows the power cables out to the wall.

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Sconce wine barrel rustic lamp

They occur in various shapes depending on the form of the wine barrel used to design it. It has a hanger on its back for mounting on the wall. There are numerous wooden lights in the market.

Above are just but a few rustic wooden wall lights which will give your simple wooden wall a lovely look.
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