Make your room unique with Wall light fittings

These are flush-lights that are used to provide interior decoration within a room to provide various unique indoor lighting designs. There are a number of alternatives and means available and the installation process is usually simple.

The fitting style to be chosen also depends largely on the position of their installation and the nature decoration in the room where they are being installed.

Places of application

An example of these fittings is “Wall washer” which is used for a specific purpose. Generally, it baths certain wall in light in order to highlight features such as wall hanging and painting so that the perceived size can be increased and also the room dimensions can be defined.

Wall light fittings can be fixed into ceilings to direct light to certain walls as wells as in the walls themselves so that the light shines on the sides of the lamp. Of late, these lightings have been made to utilize LED lamps and halogens to help in energy conservation.


Wall Light fitting replacement is simple though sometimes it is given to the electricians since they have experience and have qualifications for the job. Other advantages include they easily adapt to smaller and versatile bulbs which are usually hard for the CFL bulbs.

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