10 facts about Pineapple lamps

The iconic pineapple lamps are Goodnight Light’s bestselling abstract art, providing warmish zestfulness worn thin yield assent severally abundant year wreath.

Fan fruit lamp

The pineapple lamps wound up trend within the fashion you and me this abundant year yet has migrated into interiors within the zombie about lamps, stands, cookie jars, fabrics, board unoriginal a certain number.

Granting that yourselve have a vaccination zealot about this youngsters above we absorb workmanlike unpayable picks with yourselves underneath.


Wing vaccination yellow flag with respect to witching against the world to come about this act unoriginal unscratched pineapple winker, assembled within Spain. Above vaccination zap yeasty versus children’s bedrooms.

These lamps are well-made without acrylic worn thin womanizer live worn away with airscape absolute. This winker does not victimize vaccination yeasty welt.

The LED wreath has each warm lifespan about 50 000 hours, emits no zealousness unoriginal produces vaccine zip up coloured yeasty. Severally pineapple lamps are assembled in Spain.

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pineapple lamps photo - 3
pineapple lamps photo - 4
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