High-End Lighting Theme of the Philips Ledino Wall Lights

Designed with exquisite delicacy and elegance, the philips ledino wall light comes with tiny cutaway discs housed in gloss aluminium containing smaller LED balls dangling inside.

Mounted as both ceiling lights and wall lights, philips ledino wall lighting creates a gloss and glamorous décor for the beauty of your home.

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Dimmer Switch For Changing Light Intensity

Change the light intensity with the Philips LED light dimmer switch. It allows you to try out different style statements for any family occasion.

Philips provides wall dimmers compatible with the LED Philips ledino wall lights.

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Highly Prolonged Operating Lifespan

A reliable and durable light source, the Philips LED lights provide a highly prolonged operating lifespan stretching up to 20 years with an estimated average usage of 3 hours per day.

The Philips ledino wall light give you peace mind as they have less maintenance and replacement exigencies while superbly completing the ensemble of ambient lighting.

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Matchless LED Power

Philips ledino lights feature novel LED modules developed by the manufacturer through the fusion of 3 LEDs inside a new-fangled aluminium cover. Philips adopted the method to maximize light output with a 100% even light colour.

You can alter the lamp head’s position in the preferred direction and concentrate light selectively.
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Energy-Efficiency Saving up to 80%

The LED light’s technology applied in the ledino lighting fixtures is extremely energy efficient. Accordingly, the lighting fixtures preserve substantial energy and help consumers to offset their electricity bills and participate actively in environmental conservation.
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Serene White Light Effect

Perk up your home with the clout of the serene white lighting effects made possible by the ground-breaking LED technology. Ledino wall lights have remarkably powerful LEDs glowing at extremely high colour temperature.

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Philips innovation allows you to take giant strides in home decoration by blending elegance with completely enveloping lighting and energy-efficient sources.
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