Penguin lamp – chill out this season with your new penguin buddies

It is always time to keep uping the ante. Decorating ones room is an essential part of who we are. If you are an animal lover, this one is definitely for you. Penguin lamps are out with the old and in with the new! Do black and white as never before.

Why Penguin Lamps?

These lamps are super cute and the best bit is that they are extremely versatile. Your kids are going to love it and you can even have it as a centre piece, something that will draw all the appreciating eyes.

How to incorporate the birds?

Penguin lamps are as exotic as the birds themselves. The birds might not be able to fly themselves, but these lamps will surely make your rooms soar with brightness. Add them as a central lamp, or go for modern blow glass pieces.

These cuties also come as retro chic LED lights as wall lamps and well as plush lights in the shapes of penguins. So, go ahead and add a piece of the Tundra charm to your house.

penguin lamp photo - 1
penguin lamp photo - 4
penguin lamp photo - 8
penguin lamp photo - 10


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