Man cave ceiling fans – 12 ceiling fans for real men

Are you a dude looking for a ceiling fan that suits your needs? Man cave ceiling fans offer much more than the ordinary ceiling fans, in that they are specially designed for a man’s space.

Therefore, a man cave ceiling fan functions to boost the elegance of your space. However, it would be good for you to first consider the quality of your desired man cave ceiling fan, so as to ensure that it is not only effective but also durable.

Furthermore, the design needs to be in tandem with the overall theme of your room.

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Blade Size

When selecting your man cave ceiling, it would be good to consider size. Having a huge man cave ceiling fan is okay, but you need to make sure the size is not too big for your room. Consider your aeration needs; select the size based on that.

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Many people are often fooled by the low prices of some man cave ceiling fans. Therefore, don’t rush to buy your ceiling fan just because its price is much lower than that of other brands.

It is important to note that although a high quality ceiling fan could come at a higher price, it has good motors that help the blades work as efficiently as you would want them to.

Furthermore, some man cave ceiling fans come with lights, but they are of course a bit more costly than those without. The good thing is; many fans of this kind have been designed in such a way to lower energy consumption.

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