How To Choose LED Wall Outdoor Lights

LED wall outdoor lights provides safety and security for you as well as your home. While outdoor wall lighting is used for utility purposes, you don’t have to sacrifice style as there are many attractive options to choose from.

They add the beauty to the exterior of the home when they are hanged in the door front or outside a garage. Here is how to choose the LED wall outdoor lights.

Instant On

LED wall outdoor lights come on at full brightness almost instantly, with no re-strike delay. This characteristic of these lights is notable in vehicle brake lights, where they come on 170 to 200 milliseconds faster than standard incandescent lamps, providing an estimated 19 feet of additional stopping distance at highway speeds.

In general illumination applications, instant on can be desirable for safety and convenience.

Breakage Resistance

Traditional light sources are all based on glass or quartz envelopes. Product breakage is a fact of life in electric lamp transport, handling, storage, and installation.

LED wall outdoor lights are largely impervious to vibration because they do not have filaments or glass enclosures.

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