How To Install LED Lights Wall

One of the benefits of led lights wall is that you can install them on almost any surface. For the units to work effectively and give you a great service you need to install them properly.

To help you out here are tips on how to install the led lights wall on different surfaces:

Installing the led lights wall on a drop-down ceiling

Drop-down ceilings are decorative ceiling features that are suspended in such a way that they sit lower than the main ceiling. When installing the LED lights wall you can install them in such a way that the LED tape is fitted horizontally facing upwards or vertically facing sideways.

Whichever the way that you choose to install them, ensure that you install them behind a lip at the edge of the drop-ceiling. To prevent light dots from shining on the vertical surface behind it, stick the LEDs as close as possible, behind the lip of the ceiling.

Installing the led lights wall on cornices and coving

Coving is the decorative molding at the junction between the ceiling and walls. When installing the units here, install them as far away from the back wall as possible.

This is to avoid seeing visible light-dotting. You should also ensure that there is a lip on the coving to hide them. This creates a great effect as you only show the light and not the light source.

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led lights wall photo - 2
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