10 benefits of Lava lamp red

The supposed lava lamp red has been around for just about fifty years.


Created by Edward Craven Walker the lava lamp red detonated onto the scene, or should I say overflowed it’s way to the highest point of the hip design universe of the sixties.

The distinctive shades of neon green, blue, red drifted around perpetually in the mitigating light. With the movement lamps giving simply enough light for feeling, these lamps were impeccable friendly exchanges. The hues and shape were shifted. Enchanting and energetic the lava lamps turned into a grown-up toy of cool. Everybody had no less than one.

The uses

During that time their status changed. They were an image of numerous things. Initially, they were bloom control cool. At that point, as the man went to the moon and the country viewed the Jetsons, they moved toward becoming Space Age symbol. In the 80’s lava lamp red was prized by the geeky PC nerd.

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