Keep Your Ceiling Traditional with Japanese style ceiling lights

Why go to the Far East when you can bring it to you? It’s a perfect way to add a subtle accent of Asian in your home, or complete a room containing other oriental décor. A Japanese style ceiling light can be added to any room in your home.

Let’s take a look at two types of Japanese style ceiling lights that can create a relaxing and zen-like environment for you and your loved ones.

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Shoji Ceiling Light

Japanese isn’t an easy language. However, I do know that the word shoji’ means. It’s a wall, partition or sliding door covered with something translucent, usually its rice paper, and its glued with nori (rice paste) to a wooden frame.

Traditionally Shoji paper (washi) was made out of rice, but because it is too delicate to handle another method is used. Modern Shoji Japanese style ceiling lights are covered with paper that is a mixture of pulp and polyester, so it stays stronger for longer.


Japanese Hanging Lamps

This type of Japanese ceiling light is perfect for any small or big space. In Japan they are known as Tsuridourou, which were originally made out of copper and consisted of 4 to 6 sides.

They created the lamps out of copper, bronze or iron, because they were usually placed outside to light corridors. However, with the growing demand of consumers opting for more Japanese style lighting, they are made out of paper materials, glue and bamboo.



Whatever option you choose from warisanlighting,com has you covered. Every type of Japanese style ceiling light brings brilliant décor and gives you a sense that you physically and spiritually are traveling to the Orient.

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