Protect your garden with Japanese outdoor lighting

Do you own a beautiful outdoor garden? Do you think of creating a Japanese style one? Do you at least dream of owning one, at some point in the future? Japanese outdoor lighting can be a very stylish option to take into consideration.


These Japanese outdoor lighting lamps are reproducing the traditional Japanese architecture – they can resemble the wood frames of traditional houses and can be decorated with intricate models – bamboo patterns, birds, stylized Japanese letters, real life scenes etc. Other Japanese outdoor lighting fixtures can feature more round shapes.

Materials and colors

Japanese outdoor lighting fixtures come in various shapes and sizes. They can be build out of wood or metal. The colors vary, especially for the metal ones. They can satisfy the most demanding tastes and one definitely could find a certain Japanese outdoor lighting that can fit into any outdoor space design.

japanese outdoor lighting photo - 1


Japanese outdoor lighting usually runs on mains electricity, so they use standard/fluorescent bulbs. You can also find solar powered ones, so LED bulbs can also be an option, for reduced electricity bills.

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japanese outdoor lighting photo - 3
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