Dual ceiling fans – When the summer’s at its best and you’re trying to have a rest!

Classic ceiling fan days are numbered. They served a purpose, but now the new era of ceiling fans is here and they are better than ever. Dual ceiling fans are the thing everybody’s talking about.

In addition to better performance because of a second motor, they bring stylish and modernized look in our homes. But if you want to keep it traditional, they come in many forms and colours, and with lights.

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Main functions

The main function of a dual ceiling fan is to keep the air flowing and added motor is almost doubling production and performance. It improves air circulation, specially in smaller rooms where the air is thicker.

When looking for an appropriate dual motor ceiling fan you will find various models, from those who will remind you of scenery in old Hollywood movies to those of modern design and layout.

However, as in many other cases, it has been shown that the more expensive models of dual ceiling fan with a luxurious treatment do not necessarily have better performance.

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Maintenance is very simple and if you regularly clean the dual ceiling fans from dust and pollen that accumulates, your fan should work just fine.

Those who know recommend occasional dismantling and washing the blades, especially if you use the fan throughout the year.

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