TOP 10 types of Drop ceiling lights

Drop ceiling lights are attached to lightweight boards that are suspended from ceiling shafts by thin metallic cables. Due to the suspended ceiling, the variety of light fixtures that can be mounted on a drop ceiling are to some degree restricted. Examples of drop ceiling lights are:

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed drop ceiling lights highlight light bulbs placed inside reflective metal holders. Radiant recessed lighting gives off excessive warmth to be securely attached to most ceilings. However, compact fluorescent and halogen bulbs would be safer.

Fluorescent Lights

Light-weight Fluorescent drop ceiling lights have turned into the most widely recognized and prevalent decision used in drop ceilings. The reason is that they can get mounted onto similar metal backings which sup[port the ceiling boards.

Surface Mounted Fixtures

It is possible to mount any normal surface-mounted light installation on the back of a drop ceiling. Surface-mounted drop ceiling lights get attached on the ceiling surface without installations of any recessed parts. Pendant lights, track lighting and fundamental glass installations are generally cases of this kind of lighting.

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