10 methods to Simplify Your Life with Dimmer switch for lamp

Have you ever tried to have dinner with your significant other in a brightly lit, white, glowing room? Yes, not romantic. Not limited in the romance department, lighting has a huge effect on a room’s ambience and as a result will affect how you feel.

When you’re reading you need bright light, but when you’re relaxing you might want a somewhat more artistic lighting.

How is this possible?

A dimmer switch for lamps is the answer for you. It can improve the versatility of any lamp in your house by way of a knob or a lever to adjust the light levels of the lamp from near dark to full brightness.

Your house will become more esthetically pleasing.

Dimmer Switch for Traditional and LED Lamps

There are many types of dimmer switch for lamp available in the market, the most common being the leading edge dimmer. This dimmer carries a minimum and maximum load.

For traditional bulbs, everything will work fine as long as they are within the load of the specific dimmer switch. Flickering noises from your bulb indicate a problem with the compatibility.

For LED bulbs, it is more appropriate to use trailing edge dimmer switch. It provides silent operation and smoother control, as well as a lower minimum load compared to leading edge dimmers. Since LED bulbs come in more modest wattages than traditional bulbs, this feature is a definite plus.

How to Successfully Use a Dimmer Switch

First, make sure your bulbs are dimmable by reading the packaging for the product’s description. Second, use the proper dimmer switch. Though leading edge circuits can work with LED technology, using trailing edge dimmer switch for lamp will elongate the life of your bulbs.

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Last tip, it is better to use bulbs of same type and manufacturer to avoid confusion.

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