Sure way to stay safe from lightning – 15 safty Mineral oil rain lamps

Rainy seasons pose a great challenge when it comes to use of electricity, this is because most rain events are accompanied by Lightning. Lightning occurs due to electric charges, that comes forth from electric storms meaning there is electricity flowing in the process in the form of alternate current commonly known as AC. This makes it difficult or dangerous to use electricity for lighting at home, during this seasons, because the chances of electric storm occurring, are very high hence posing a risk especially if the homes are not fitted with lightning arresters or other lightning preventive measures.

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The invention of rain lamps


Due to this concern, and the risks in place, it lead to the invention of rain lamps, that would be convenient to use during such periods and, as a result, the risk the electricity use during rainy seasons , accompanied with lightning posed, reduced drastically. This happened, because it pushed to the invention of friendly lamps called The rain lamps. The rain lamps were designed to use a special type of oil friendly to the environment and affordable to users called mineral oil rain lamp.  This is a special oil containing mainly hydrogen and carbon molecules but of different three structures.

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The structures of rain lamps


The structures are known as paraffinic, napthenic and aromatic. This mineral oil is preferably used because of its outstanding properties of lightning impulse breakdown voltage due to lower aromatic content as a result of the highly refining manufacture process it goes through.The aromatic content has good performance in regards to oxidation stability and copper corrosion and the oxidation is good for the lamps since it makes combustion continuous and oxygen supply to the lamps sufficient. Besides that, mineral oil rain lamps also works as electric insulator and thermal coolant hence he lamps do not heat up.

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Therefore using rain lamps with mineral oil lamps is a sure way to stay safe from lightning.

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