TOP 10 Different types of lamps 2023

There are basically two different types of lamps.The first one known as Incandescent lamp and the second type is the Discharge Lamp. Furthermore, the discharge lamps can be florescent lamp, sodium lamp or high pressure mercury vapor lamp.

In Incandescent

Lamps have a hot wire – known as the filament that heats up to incandescence and emits light. The lamp is covered with glass and contains gases like argon and nitrogen.

These types of lamps are less expensive, warmer and produce a high output. In Discharge Lamps electricity is passed through a gas rather than a wire.


Generally Tungsten is used as electrode and inside is coated with florescent material. These are essentially energy efficient and are mainly preferred. They have a longer life and loss of energy is less because of lesser heating.

Now sodium lamps are those which use sodium in its gaseous form in the bulb. These are the basic types of lamps. Many artificial lamps are also available but these are mainly what we use in our day to day lives.

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