An Overview of Different Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lighting is an important and one of the most popular lighting systems to revitalize the design of indoor lighting. Ceiling fixtures include a wide range of lighting options. Below is an overview of the different ceiling lights and a few ideas about where you can use them.


Chandeliers can add a luxurious feel to any room with ambient lighting. They are great for parishes, foyers, living rooms and kitchens. Suspended lights are another form of ceiling light, with long rods or metal pipes to illuminate the entire room.

These pieces are usually used in portions with high ceilings for bright lighting, for example, over cooking stoves, dining tables or corridors. These lights also can boast of lamp shades of paper, stained glass or fabric.

Flush or semi-flash lights

These lamps are suitable for low-ceiling ceilings, since their height cannot be adjusted in contrast to chandeliers and hanging lamps. They can be placed on the veranda, porch or portico to raise their appearance along with the functionality.

This is a built-in lighting system, installed exclusively on the ceiling. They can be either one central or multiple mini-lights arranged in a certain order or can be used as various distributed parts on the ceiling.

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