Daum nancy lamp – 10 reasons to buy

Daum Nancy lamps are the absolute most abnormal and appealing lamps of the workmanship nouveau period. While Galle and Tiffany’s lamps are considerably more observed, Daum lamps are as yet excellent.

When trying to verify a Daum Nancy lamp you need to play close consideration for the base and metal work. Most Daum Nancy lamps will have a woodland or scene. Other Daum Nancy lamps can have a collection of hues with no specific subject or plan.

How does Daum Nancy Lamp Appear?

Daum nancy lamp made in Japanese style. Colorless slightly grayish glass, relief, etched ice-like, matted; three arms in wrought iron, hammered, chromium-plated; foot with light. Electrified, two sockets.

Textile cord with toggle switch replaced. Foot and lamp-shade signed.


  • Dimensions: Height 44 cm. (17-1/3 in.)
  • Condition: Excellent

Final Recommendations

With such well-elaborated features, buy Daum Nancy lamp and enjoy new brightness in your house today. You will have a new experience in your house today.

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