Crystal pineapple lamp – your appeal of the modern world

Did you know that beauty and color can bring life to your home?

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Installing beautifully designed lamps and blending them with a well-balanced light can harmonize your home and make it stand out among other homes. Crystal Pineapple lamps have emerged in the recent times for their cool appeal of the modern world.

They are designed with a pineapple-shaped crystal stem which has crisscrossed cuts to bring out that realistic rough surface of a pineapple.

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For your information, during the 18th Century, pineapples were used as a symbol of hospitality. These lamps are meant for strategic places in your space. You will enjoy how the signature blends with the metal base which supports it as well as any color of the shade above it.

The combination works perfectly to diffuse light in your living room, bedroom, or the office. Thus, to grace your space and make it warm and welcoming, you will need one of these crystal pineapple lamps.

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