Crystal floor lamps – personalise your room with the combination of modern aspects and vintage touch

Crystal floor lamp are the elaboration of crystal contrast with modern shining effect and the raw metal frame for industrial romance.

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Suitable lighting effect

Crystal floor lamps shade high quality of lighting effect suitable for living rooms as well as bedrooms, these lamps reflects your royal personality with the clear crystal and shinning light.

Unique crystal floor lamps gives you a opportunity to show your choice toward lighting world with mentioning the antique crystal floor, it provides enough light nearby it, with the high quality bulbs hiding behind the clear crystal.

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Personalise your room

There’s an wide range of these lamps which will lure you to buy it any how, it help you personalised your room with the combination of modern aspects and vintage touch.

These lamps are suitable for any place in your room, the light coming through the crystals are precise about your eye, most of the light lamps can irritate your eye if you look at them directly.

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Crystal floor lamps can spread lights, that can cover your large room with the crystal effect laying on the floor, with the crystal texture. Show your royal choice and tempt your guests.

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