Crate and barrel floor lamp – 10 unusual stylish lamps to decorate your premise

#1 Bronze Crate and Barrel Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for some unusual stylish lamp to decorate your premise, this bronze lamp will cope up with any tasks that will be placed on its shade. It has got a fine bronze design that will be combined with any other piece of furniture in your house. The elegance in details makes the lamp extremely attractive.

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#2 Stylish Adjustable Barrel Lamp

This pretty lamp is a fine modern solution for a decoration of your rooms. The lamp will cast brilliant light regardless of where you place the item. The shade provides an excellent light diffusion. In addition, the height of the lamp can be regulated to provide an excellent angle of lighting. Plug it in and let it be light!

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#3 Melrose Brass Floor Lamp

This item would be an excellent addition to any area that needs some light. This model will be splendidly compatible with chocolate hues of furniture as well as light colours. It is a very practical piece of furniture as you can easily wipe off any dirt with a duster. It emits a decent amount of light that is enough for everyday activity. So wherever you put it, the lamp will do its job.

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#4 Fine Style Barrel Lamp

This fine lamp looks like a decent piece of furniture that is both elegant and practical. The wooden elements will look very attractive in some rural style interior. Those people who like comfort and cosiness will be fascinated with this reserved lamp. The designers decided to follow a cylindrical geometrical pattern to correspond modern art tendencies.

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#5 Fine Carved Elegant Lamp

This fine crafted floor lamp has got a fine contemporary look that is truly eye-catchy. Such a versatile element of interior decoration will add some additional charm to your dwelling. Some special words should be mentioned about the leg of the lamp. It has got a fine carving and you’ll see how much attention was paid to its details.

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#6 Natural Style Floor Lamp

This lamp is a fashionable mix of wood and steel. While you need to do something and require light, this streamlined lamp will offer just a proper amount of light. The wooden frame mas modified by several screw fixtures to grant extra flexibility for the most effective usage. It would look awesome in any interior either modern or naturalistic rural style.

crate and barrel floor lamp photo - 6

#7 Tribeca Exclusive Floor Lamp

Although it looks fragile, it is a fine crafted designer illuminating device. The base of the lamp was made specifically heavy to grant sturdiness and firmness. The shade is made of plastic that is characteristic of modern style. You won’t need to worry that this lamp would be stained as plastic is easy in cleaning – just wipe it with a wet cloth. Don’t forget to unplug it while cleaning!

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#8 Four Legged Barrel Lamp

This fine modern lamp will become an excellent purchase idea for those people who desire some additional extra light in any room that needs an overhead light. If you prefer a modern style above all, you’ll like this model. The quality and overall look will be something that is worth mentioning about this fashionable thing.

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#9 Fine Brass Floor Lamp

This lamp would look definitely good near some reading armchair. It is a fine combination of dark and light colours which are always in fashion. Just imagine sitting in your favourite armchair, while the rain is dripping in the streets! This piece of furniture will present you not only fine light but it will also become an effective accessory to decorate your interior.

crate and barrel floor lamp photo - 9

#10 Crate and Barrel Meryl Arc Floor Lamp

This modern lamp will reply to all your modern expectations. It has got a patented suspended arched construction that can be adjusted for a better angle of light dissipation. The barrel is a fashionable accessory performed of a natural cloth that perfectly refracts light without exceeding consumption of photons. A fine steel base provides superb stability of the item.

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