Cool table lamps – 10 best lamps to make your home look magical

When it comes to lighting, interior decoration can be a difficult task. Sometimes you are not sure whether to go for hanging, floor or table lamps. Perfect lighting can make your whole house look a little more magical.

This can only be achieved by going for modern cool table lamps. Cool table lamp can give you a special ambience that may be just what your home or office needs. Table lamps can range from desk lamps to nightstand lamps.


Whether it is at home or workplace, table light should address both your needs and unique sense of style. With variety of options available, you should consider the following before you buy some of cool table lamps:

  • Halogen and fluorescent lights. This will provide a particularly bright light that is easy on tired eyes during late night work or while studying.
  • Energy efficiency. LEDs and fluorescent lights are the best options which will save energy and help you cut down your electricity cost.
  • Adjustable swing arm table lamp. This can be sized and swiveled to meet any of your lighting need.


A modern livingroom, bedroom, studyroom or office is not complete without a style-setting cool table lamp to give a finishing touch. Choose a table lamp with a design which has classical appeal, romantic and trendy.

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cool table lamps photo - 2
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