Cool lava lamps – 25 ways to make your room Brighter, Shiner and Greater

A Lamp used for only lighting once, lighted up many people in the world, now. Gave hands in lifting up even poor people to stand high. A Lamp in the sense lights up the Future.

It is good to have a good feel of life, gives up positive thinking. Most of the Lamp just gives up light. Many of the decorative Lamps make enjoyable feel. The colorful look of the cool lava lamps beat the music in changing the sorrow. Lava Lamp cools the heart and mind to Joy.

Cool Lava Lamp

Here is a kind of Lamp known, Cool Lava Lamp. It is a decorative lamp looking awesome, colorful and used for interior designing. It is a dual actor which acts in Lightening and Decorating.

The color of the Lamp gives grandeur effect to the surrounding. Mostly it is used in parties to make special effects.


Using method

As a heat source: Turn on the power and place the candle under it.- Install it on flat surface- Use soft fabric to clean the cylinder.- Turn off after use, it can continuously withstand working for 20 hours.

Overheat will cause ineffective.- Replacement of bulb should be 15 or 40 A Watt bulbs.- Warming and cooling cycle must be done every 2 to 3 months.


Keep away from sunlight; Fade of wax will lead to overheating. Loco motion can be avoided in order to maintain its fanciness and effective working. Disassemble will cause malfunction of Cool Lava Lamp.

Additional lighting and heating source must be avoided. Do not change the device construction rather than replacing light bulbs.

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Features of Lava Lamp

The Glass is filled with Paraffin and Glycerol; whereas it has a capacity to light when candle or other heat source placed. It can even be replaced with candle.

Designed with metal cap. Cord for connecting the socket is under Lamp.


Last note

Unlikely, it will explode in the wrong manner of handling happens. The more safer use, will prone to give better life. Care the rules better and use the product, the best.

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