How to Decorate Your House with Color changing lava lamp

Color changing lava lamp is really on point. The bubbles that can come up above inside the bottle and the light that is changing are really cool. People nowadays invent many fun things for youngsters to enjoy.

For you who want to decorate your house with this kind of lamp, here are some tips.

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Choose the Shape of the Bottle

Color changing lava lamp is usually put in a glass bottle with a different shape. You can choose the shape to match the theme of the room. For a living room with a bold look, it is better to have the usual simple shape.

For a room with multi-purpose functions, like a bedroom, it is better to have the shape of a triangle. This kind of shape is quite unique with the tip at the top and it can stand alone without any holder.

This shape can make you inspired to do your homework as well as decorate the room.

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How to Place It

For a great view, it is better to line up the color changing lava lamps. Have for about 5 bottles in the line. It will be good if they are from a different height. Then, you can light it up one by one.

They will change color from one bottle to another and you can also see the bubbles of lava moving up. It will be a great show. So, have your rooms decorated with the surprised lamps.

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