Christmas Outdoor Rope Lights – Make your Room in Festive Lighting

Regardless of whether you’re a christian or not, Christmas is a time for celebration. In many households, it is the time of the year, when family members congregate to enjoy ravishing meals and to catch up. These get-togethers usually take place around an elaborately decorated tree usually adorned with rope lights, that bath the room in festive lighting. The lights create an unmistakable charm indoors but have you ever considered using Christmas rope lights outdoors?

Outdoor Christmas rope lights are just as beautiful. These are lights encapsulated inside a PVC tube and are programmed to shine at intervals. The tubes can be of any color of your choosing. Restaurants have been using them for years to add a warm tone to their establishments. You can do the same for your deck or patio with similar success.

Benefits of outdoor Christmas rope lights

One benefit of using rope Christmas lights outdoors, apart from the aforementioned warmth they bring, is they are very easy to install. Once purchased, all you have to do is peel off the adhesive that holds the lights and you’re done. The rest is just winding the rope lights in a pattern of your choice wherever you want.

Another advantage is they are extremely inexpensive to use. Light emitting diode (LED) rope lights spend ninety percent less energy than the traditional Christmas lights.

The system of diodes used also means there are no bulbs to replace. This means the the lights are very durable. Unless physically damaged they can last for years.


Rope Christmas lights outdoor are also ecologically friendly. They have no mercury in them like other lights. They work just as well in cold weather and they come with a variety of beautiful effects such as twinkling, chasing and fading. These effects are guaranteed to provide a serene and welcoming outdoor environment to all your friends and family.

#1 Sparkling Ropes

Such ropes would be an awesome decorative element of any outside element. They are not afraid of water as led lamps are placed into a special body that is humidity proof. The lamps will endure any kind of weather conditions and grant bright light to the vast area around. The other positive feature of the rope lights is their extremely low level of energy consumption so you don’t have to fear the bills.

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#2 Wrap It up

The best thing about these lamps is their portability and upgradeability. All the elements can be interconnected by means of special connectors so you can decorate the whole house with a single unlimited rope of light without fear of searching additional sockets. The house will shine with unbelievable holiday bright light and bring you a lot of joy.
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#3 Led Rope Art

The ropes that are made of led light are specifically convenient for a popular light art. This is a special event that is extremely popular during Christmas holidays. People put all their fantasy into miraculous figures with the images of traditional winter heroes. Here we have a lovely composition with the elves who are working really hard to pack the boot of the kid with some nice candies.

christmas outdoor rope lights photo - 3

#4 Magical Boot

The LED lights provide people with numerous options for exterior design. They will be remembered by everyone who sees it. This lovely gift sock can be simply designed by all the members of the family and that would a nice and funny time spent together. It is filled with presents resembling real spirit of holidays that is growing in each heart. christmas outdoor rope lights photo - 4

#5 Shining Express to the North Pole

All of you might have seen the cartoon about the boy who wanted to visit the residence of Santa. He got onto the magical train that is capable to travel through time and space. This is definitely not that awesome train but it has got some peculiar charm about it that grants new year spirit and brings to reality all the expectations and joys regarding the upcoming new year.

christmas outdoor rope lights photo - 5

#6 The Present Train

The sledges of Santa have become too small to deliver the presents for the kids. That is why the kind bearded fellow decided to open a personal train line that delivers containers with gifts. You think that these trains travel along the rails as usual ones? Don’t be ridiculous: Santa technologies allow the trains to travel through the sky to ensure the fastest delivery of the gifts.

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#7 The Visit of Santa

Someone has parked near the balcony of the house. The reindeers and the sledges state clearly who it is. Santa has arrived to present some gifts to an obedient kid. The red lights show that Santa is a real professional in parking and can find some comfortable place not to occupy the movement of the surrounding flying equipment. All the composition was designed by means of flexible light ropes. christmas outdoor rope lights photo - 8

#8 Decorating with Style

Sometimes overdecorating can be too much and look tasteless, while the repetition of the contours of the house can be a wise decision. These red lights were placed to emphasize the façade in a lovely way filling the house with a real holiday spirit. The decoration procedure won’t take much time but will look gorgeous and elegant with outdoor rope lights.   christmas-outdoor-rope-lights-photo-8

#9 Miracle Christmas Tree

Every year people cut hundreds of trees in order to place them in one’s house and decorate it with toys. However, Nature will not be grateful to us for such actions. If you want to preserve the trees, switch to the high tech solutions. Design your personal Christmas tree from the steel body and led light. Such an artificial tree will cast light all around your territory, bring joy of the holiday without harming eternally green beauties.


#10 Sparkling House

This is like a classical movie house that has been decorated by the whole family for Christmas. People used to spend several days in order to decorate the exterior of their house in such a manner as there were a lot of problems with tangled lamps. With rope light there won’t be any problems as they are turned into a roll before every use and installation of them becomes a real pleasure.


#11 The Residence of Santa

Santa likes when it is bright and sparkling. This is his marvelous residence in Lapland where his workshop is situated. People frequently visit his residence to see what does the busiest man in the world do in order to make children from all over the world happy. The entire house is decorated with amazing lights and fabulous toys. If you are overfilled with Christmas spirit, get some light ropes and start decorating the premise.

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#12 Grinch Steals Christmas

It would be really hard not to recognize this character that is placing some gift packages into the bag instead of putting them underneath the holiday tree. This is Grinch who stole the Christmas. He dressed up to resemble Santa Claus and attached a pair of horns to his dog so that it resembled a reindeer. All this lovely art was performed by means of the simplest led light. You can do such a light show in your house as well.


#13 Santa is Coming Tonight

This bright silhouette will be easily recognized by both adults and children. This is Santa and he has come to present you some wonderful gifts. This lovely composition can be easily crafted even in a garage with all tools at hands. Just use the wire for a firm shape and attach the light to it and the resulting figure will look awesome near the parade door or on the roof signalizing about the visit of a holy spirit.


#14 Endless Fun

Winter is probably the brightest time of the year. Certainly the days are short but people have got a great entertainment that is done exclusively in cold time of the year. People adore decorating their houses with shining garlands. Some cities even organize the competitions to find the house that was decorated in the most fashionable way. The rope light is the most practical option for decorating.


#15 Holiday Sledges

Do you hear the sound of jingling bells? Just look up and you will see a lovely chariot with a miniature deer. They are shining with brilliant golden light. That is another attractive composition that was highlighted by means of outdoor rope lights. The art is, in fact, very simple as you can make a frame from an usual flexible copper wire and wrap it with the lights for creating a real Christmas atmosphere in the family nest.


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