Ceiling light motion sensor – automation of room lightning

Everyone would love to save power and at the same time have the best lighting experience. Therefore, it is important to automate the ceiling light to autonomous switching of light.


The light switch will only be on when motion is detected in the room using motion sensors. These sensors may be used in rooms where light is only required when someone is in the room.

The light is triggered by the availability of someone in the room. Motion sensors will be responsible for switching off the lights hence minimising human error associated with forgetting to switch off the light, this leads to a reduction in the electricity bill.


Motion sensors will also assist in ensuring the light is on immediately one gets in the room hence minimising the time wasted to switch on the light and any injuries that may be caused by one walking in a dark room so switch on the lights.

ceiling light motion sensor photo - 5
ceiling light motion sensor photo - 6
ceiling light motion sensor photo - 10


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