The Best CCFL Lamps for Different Occasions

Ccfl lamps is a lighting system which has been popularly adopted by many people. The system uses electron type of discharge blended with fluorescence to produce light.

They are mainly used for backlights due to their smaller nature and are more durable than other lighting systems. Types of ccfl include.

Specialty shaped ccfl lamps

They come in various shapes depending on the likes of the buyer. Among popular shapes include the U-shaped, the S-shaped, L-shaped and many other favorite shapes. They are best for decorational purposes.

Colored CCFL Lamps

They are made to emit lights of different colors to make the room soothing and pleasant. They come in a variety of colors ranging from blue, green, maroon and many other colors.

These ccfl lamps are best for entertainment joints and live concerts.

The full spectrum CCFL Lamps

They are the ordinary lamps which are used to light homes and business premises. They come in various diameters depending on the amount of light required.

These type of ccfl lamps are used in nearly every homestead and are more popular than the others.

ccfl lamp photo - 1
ccfl lamp photo - 2
ccfl lamp photo - 3
ccfl lamp photo - 5
ccfl lamp photo - 6
ccfl lamp photo - 8
ccfl lamp photo - 9

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