10 Benefits of Cathedral ceiling fans

A cathedral ceiling is usually higher than other kinds of ceilings. Cathedral ceilings in large rooms such as the living room provide an opportunity to add something bold and large.

This makes cathedral ceiling fans a major design element. Ceiling fans are effective in circulating air throughout a room and the house in general. There are other benefits of using fans, including the following:

Lowering energy costs

Cathedral ceiling fans can help reduce your electric bill by up to thirty to forty percent. The ceiling fans do not actually reduce the temperature of a room. Instead, the draft is what makes the room feel cooler.

Apart from reducing energy costs, ceiling fans also provide style and comfort. Some fans also serve as a focal point of a room. The cathedral ceiling fans that have built in lights offer beautiful lighting.

Offer versatility

Whether cathedral ceiling fans are installed in the living area, kitchen, screened in porch or bedroom, they can contribute to an enjoyable environment. These fans are also useful for circulating warm air during the cooler seasons.

When the blades of ceiling fans run clockwise, they push warm air down from the ceiling without creating drafts.

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