Candle warmer lamp – 25 reasons to buy

Using a candle warmer lamp to generate fragrance throughout your home is an easy and safe alternative to burning candles. Burning a candle means you have an open fire in your house, which may be dangerous.

You can never leave your home with a candle burning inside. On the contrary, candle warmer lamps are safe and can decorate your living space.

How does it work?

Candle warmer lamps are heated by a light bulb, usually a halogen one. You can turn them on by a dial switch on the cord. The candle is placed beneath the light bulb and is heated from the top down, releasing the scent. Some candle warmer lamp models have lamp shades that can be interchanged.

To achieve a consistent melt, you should only use a lower melting point jar candle, such as soy or beeswax. You should always use the recommended wattage bulb – never use a higher wattage to achieve more heat. If the candle you are using does not melt, this means it has a higher melting point and it should be replaced.

The candle lamp warmer is warming and melting only the top – 1 inch or less – of your candle. After operating for a few hours, you will notice that the scent released is much weaker. This is the right time to empty the candle jar from its liquid upper. You need to do this carefully, taking all precautions not to get burned or to spoil any surface.

Styles and sizes

There are two main categories of candle warmer lamps: lanterns and touch lamps. But they come in many styles and sizes: Rustic, modern, minimal, chinese, colorful – you name it! You can also choose the material you prefer: wood, metal or ceramic.

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Before you buy a new candle lamp warmer, make sure it fits your room decoration. A modern touch lamp will probably look funny in a rustic decorated room and the possibilities are that you will soon throw it away.

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