Brass effect wall lights – 12 unusual methods to add glamour into your space

Are you looking to add glamour into your space? According to leading designers, the new brass age began a decade ago. Jonathan Adler, Celerie Kemble, Michael S. Smith, and other famous designers now offer furniture and fixtures in brass.

If you’re looking for the perfect wall lighting for your home, here are 2 reasons why you should choose brass effect wall lights.

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In recent years, brass started to make cold metal tones such as silver and stainless steel look too commonplace. Brass effect wall lighting add timelessness and luxury to your space.

Because brass is gaining popularity, you can find brass effect wall light in all different types: down lighting, picture light, sconce, up lighter, vanity lighting, and wall chandelier.

Choose what type of wall lighting you want and choose the best design suitable for your home.

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Most often, wall lights are thought as mainly decorations. However, if placed correctly, a brass effect wall light can serve myriad functions such as proper task lighting, reading, and general safety.
Brass fixtures are priced lower than its cousins: bronze and copper. Therefore, brass effect wall light adds a luxurious feel into your home without breaking the bank.

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