Boondock saints lamp – Intriguing Piece For Your Home

When it comes to decorating our place, we all want something unique that will delight everyone who sees it. If you have seen “The Boondock Saints” movie, we suggest you trying with this Boondock Saints lamp.

With guns as a stand perfectly positioned opposite to each other, boondock saints lamp is a really cool way to show creativity, as well as devotion to the characters from the movie.

Simple design

Boondock saints lamps are usually black colored with variations of cross and Latin words “Veritas” (Truth) and “Aequitas” (Equality), which protagonists have tattooed on their hands in the movie.

Because of its simple shape, Boondock saints lamp could be placed in your living room, bedroom or any other area in your home.


Having this Boondock saints lamp in your room would intimidate almost any guest or relative. Who would think those aren’t real guns?

Of course, after the first impression, they will be jealous of your courageous choice and they will want to buy one for themselves.

boondock saints lamp photo - 1
boondock saints lamp photo - 5
boondock saints lamp photo - 8


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