Bob timberlake lamps – Art Décor Meets Function

Bob Timberlake is known as the quintessential designer of collectible home décor pieces. The Bob Timberlake lamps are different from any designer lamp on the market.

You can tell that they were designed by an artist who still wanted his design to be functional.


The beauty and art of a Bob Timberlake lamp

The lamps are designed to be elegant with a casual slant that will make them blend easily with contemporary designs. An original Bob Timberlake lamp is quite expensive; it’s the kind of lamp that belongs with precious antiques.

There are newer editions designed and crafted in the same style with the same attention to detail that goes into all Bob Timberlake lamps.

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Finding a Bob Timberlake lamp you can afford

Bob Timberlake does not have an extensive collection of lamps or lighting fixtures but the ones that are there popularly found in stately homes and on night stands of bedrooms in expensive hotels.

You can buy a replica of Bob timberlake lamps that looks exactly like the original but cost much less. It would still look good enough to enhance any décor style.


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