Bob Marley Lava Lamp – The Best Choice

The Bob Marley lava lamp is a retro and stylish lava lamp that sets a Rasta mood in any room environment. It pays tribute to the great reggae legend Bob Marley by printing a silhouette of him on the glass body of the lamp. At the base of the lamp, there is also an official Bob Marley logo.

The lamp stands at 14 1/2 inches tall and includes a bulb that produces great colors through the colored glass. It also does not overheat like some other lava lamps. The little lava balls inside the glass rise and fall as they each change color from within the lava tinted glass.

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Their seemingly different colors give off a beautiful sight with a nice dim light. Though the Bob Marley lava lamp is made for all Bob Marley and reggae fans alike, it is highly recommended to anyone that’s looking to add a bit of liveliness in their room’s lighting.

#1 Relaxing with Bob

The lava lamp is an awesome addition to the room. It creates an unusual light effect in the room by means of the dancing blobs in the fluid that are heated by the light of the lamp. There are plenty of variations that are available for purchase. Here is the lava design with the person that is the national spiritual leader and extraordinary musician of Jamaica.

bob marley lava lamp photo - 2

#2 The Law of Jah

Bob Marley was not just the musician or Rastaman who had an easy lifestyle. He used to be a highly spiritual person with an incredible faith. Rastafarianism was his faith and he really followed the rules of non-violent and non-aggressive behavior. If you want to follow his footsteps and become the adept of Rastafarianism, this lamp will be a good reminder of the kindness that is required for this religion. Bob-marley-lava-lamp-photo-2

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#3 Stylish Addition to the Interior

The interior can be decorated in different ways. Some prefer modern fashionable furniture, while others like something with retro and even antique options. The same thing goes for light. You can select any type you desire. Among the variety of options lava lamps are unique in the unusual manner of light production. With the print of Mr. Marley they are even more attractive for the fan of his.


#4 Fire Spirit Lava Lamp

This lamp seems to be the manifestation of the most famous Rastaman in the world – Bob Marley. Although his music didn’t sound aggressive or fast, it managed to energize people from all social layers and grant them an experience of total relaxation. This lamp will remind about this music and grant light when you listen to the best hits of the musician.

Bob-marley-lava-lamp-photo-4#5 Jamaica Inspired Look

Jamaica is often titled the place of rest and freedom. Rastamans from all over the world consider it the sacred place as their spiritual inspiratory leader lived there. If you don’t have an opportunity to visit the magical country, such a lamp will become a magical altar for all the believers of Rasta and fans of the music that was written by Marley.


#6 For the Love of Bob

People all over the world are crazy about the reggae music of Bob Marley. Some fans even state that is has got magical properties. The music of Bob is a flow of melody that is capable of raising the human spirit. It is an excellent choice to get rid of pain or depression. The lava lamp like this perfectly describes the songs with the slow and gentle movement of the blobs within the lamp.

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#7 Rasta Means Stylish

Getting a lava lamp means being stylish. It is a fashionable accessory that will amaze the owner with incredible light show without leaving the house. There are many designs that are available and here is the best one that matches the very idea of the lava blob movement. The lamps with the image of Bob Marley and Jamaican flag are cool stylish solution for a reggae fan.


#8 Meditating Awesomeness

The lava lamp is an excellent tool for practicing shamanic skills of self-awareness. The person can watch the movement of the blobs and let the thoughts melt in this lava of slow motion. With every flow the thoughts are disappearing and the inner dialogue is stopped destroying the chaos that is dominating in the consciousness of the person.


#9 Right when You Enter

The fans of Bob Marley adore not only his music but everything that is connected with him. In this aspect a lava lamp with his portrait will be a nice present for someone who passionately adores Rastafarian motives of Bob Marley. This tiny little thing will not occupy a lot of space and one can place it right at the parade door so that one could turn it on every time he or she crosses the porch.


#10 The Red Dawn

This lava lamp is like a red sun set that will be constantly shining on your bed side table. Just lie down, turn on the lamp, switch on the favorite song of Bob Marley and look at the movement of the blobs. Feel how the tiredness of the day slowly fades away with every melody and the movement light. Feel the strength of reggae that is flowing through your veins.

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