Big lava lamps – the most recognizable and beloved items from the 60’s era

Big lava lamps are ideal for home decoration because it is one of the most recognizable and beloved items from the era of the 1960s and 1970s. The shape of this iconic lava lamp big shows true geometric designs while the liquid color scheme and wax bubble the hypnotizing splendor from the glass coverings.

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Structure and Design of Lamp

The big lava lamp has a steel base with a sturdy foundation. A top matching cap gives the effects of asymmetrical design. It also has a standard electrical cord which has an inline switch attached to it.

It has an incandescent bulb of 25-watt and the soothing glow of the bulb brightly illuminates the overall room whether it be an office, study, den or bedroom. You can pair with some disco lights to create a theme for downright dynamite evening.

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How does it start?

The big lava lamp starts by forming a wax pillar in tower shape and it will take up to 4-6 hours to create y shape lava. This is the normal start for such lava lamps and eventually it will flow in a lava shape with blobs show collisions and ooze around the glass globe.

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How does it Work

The bulb of big lava lamps is 25 to 40 watt and it usually takes few hours for the wax to hot enough to flow in a rising blob pattern if the bulb is illuminated at standard room temperature. If the room temperature is below standard value, it might take more hours.

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The lamps should not be knocked over or shaken because it might emulsify the two fluids inside the lamp. A recombination will occur in the container but it is a normal cycle of the lava wax.

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You can recombine all the wax in the lamp by turning it off for few hours. This will settle down the wax at the bottom and a blob will be formed. Some severe cases need different and more heat and cool cycles to clear.

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