Best LED Light Bulbs to Use in Your Household

For nearly five years the LED lighting equipment has been walking with a victorious pace through the battlefield of the lighting equipment. It manages to overcome an abundance of other types of lamps by the amount of light they produce and the capacity of electricity that is required to power them up.

The best LED light bulbs for home assist people whenever there is a necessity for a decent light that will also be an energy saving one. This article will bring more information on a popular lighting equipment and its peculiarities.

The Work of the LED Light

A LED lamp is a complex light-emitting equipment. The source of light is the diodes which transform the electricity into light. The diodes cannot be connected to the socket directly and that is why each lamp is composed of a card with installed diodes, electronic drive for light production control and a radiator for cooling. Outside the construction is placed into the shell for the dissipation of light.

All the diodes, depending on a chemical formula, are composed of crystals which emit various colors but white. The white is a composition of all the colors of the spectrum. In order to achieve the white color, various technologies are applied.

  • Several blue, red and green diodes are placed on the card and their mutual light is blended through the lens.
  • The diodes are covered with a fluorescence dye that transforms the emission into white color.

You can find out the color of emission of the lamp by means of a scale on the box of the lamp. The color temperature is depicted in degrees by Calvin together with a color gradient. Most people prefer white color with a yellowish hue.

The Emission Color

The light color is characterized by a temperature where yellow is the warmest and blue is the coldest available light.

  • 2700k – it is a yellowish color that is equivalent to a standard lamp.
  • 3000k – optimal yellow-white color for houses and flats.
  • 4000k – a white cold color that is designated mostly for industrial premises and offices. It is the closest option to real daylight.
  • There are lamps which can shift colors.

It is worthy to mention that people are perceiving the blue part of the spectrum in a bad way and very often a cold lamplight might seem dull. The lamps with cold spectrum should be selected with a greater portion of power capacity.

Power Capacity

The boxes of the LED lamps have got the light flow energy and its equivalent of standard lamps. The actual consumed capacity of LED lamps is 5-8 times less than of a standard lamp. That is why a 12-watt LED lamp produceі as much light as a standard lamp with 100 watts.

In some particular cases, the strength of light can be weaker than the stated nominal on the package and you should be prepared for this fact.

The Benefits of LED Lamps

The LED lamps are considered the lamps of the next generation and it introduces a lot of benefits which attract more users daily.

  • The exploitation term is far greater than of any other lamp type. The standard term of LED bulb’s work is 100k hours, while the term of work of other lamp types ranges between 12k-30k hours. That is really a huge difference.
  • The diodes result in enormous savings on electricity that equals up to 70% compared to mercury and gas containing lamps. In the case of conventional lamps, 95% of energy is converted to heat and not to light.
  • The LED light is eco-friendlier as it does not contain mercury and its mixtures.
  • Led lamps have a greater mechanical defense rate thanks to the monolith vibration resistant construction of the lamp’s shell that is made of aluminum alloy.
  • The LED lamps can introduce various models designated for peculiar cases which can correspond the tastes of the most exquisite customer.
  • The diodes produce the light of high contrast rate and can enlighten any territory.

The Flaws of LED Lamps

There are some flaws which are natural for the item even for one of the greatest quality due to the specification of the technology of light equipment.

  • The first and obvious flaw is the price of such bulb. However, it is not a reason for getting upset too much. It is an investment into the future as these lamps serve several years and consume less energy, so with a single purchase it is possible to get a serious refund within several years and time is the thing that matters here.
  • The effect of degradation is a peculiarity of the technology. Within a certain term, the diodes lose the brightness strength. If the diode has lost over 30% of the light capacity, it means that you can throw it away. With the lamps of higher temperature, this effect can be traced more often.
  • Very often a blue halo around the lamps is considered a flow but that is not true – that is a peculiarity of cold light. If such color irritates, there is an option to get a LED light with a warmer spectrum.
  • Another peculiarity of the diodes is the light that they produce – a directed light that is badly dissipated. The problem is solved either by installing a greater number of lamps or using the construction with diffusers.
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Best LED Bulb Selection Tips

The market of the LED lighting is filled with numerous representatives who certainly wish to win more customers. It is advisable to pay attention to those manufacturers who distribute certified and tested products and offer a warranty that lasts for several years. Pay attention to well-known companies which create lighting equipment as they have already managed to prove their quality.

  • Do not purchase the cheapest options. An average price for LED lighting is approximately the same and when you find some brand that offers the goods that are two or even three times cheaper think carefully before buying it. The item can be of a low quality or made of some harmful materials which can cause health issues.
  • Check the light twinkling as a strong fluctuation of light can be harmful to your eyes. It is not visible by unarmed sight, but you can test it with a digital camera of your smartphone. Look at the screen of the camera and you will see the level of light interference – a stroboscope effect.
  • You shouldn’t buy plenty of lamps at once. Do not be in haste to change all the lamps at once. First, you need to test how the new source of light affects the health. Check if the light is pleasant for the eyes and if it is suitable for all members of the family. Look carefully if there are any issues with light production. If everything suits you fine – you can acquire the same type of lamps from the same manufacturer.
  • Consider the size. The size of a LED lamp is slightly bigger than of a standard bulb. It might occur that the LED light won’t fit the designated device.
  • Dimmer attention. Not all LED lamps can be used together with a dimmer. In some cases, the dimmer can cause damage to the mechanism of work and it will become spoiled. The best dimmable LED lamps have a special marking on the box.
  • Color rendering index of LED lighting is not high and it disrupts the visual perception of the colors. In some cases, for example, taking photos with LED light may be limited.

LED Light Bulbs Review for the Most Natural and Cost Effective Lighting

Now when you are acquainted with the peculiarities of LED technology, you can read through the reviews of some of the best LED lamps from renowned world lighting manufacturers.

Cree Soft White 60W-Equivalent Dimmable LED

Here we have a simple and affordable model of a LED light. It is a full alternative of a standard 60W lamps that consumes about 9W of energy without sacrificing the brightness. A special modification makes the light more natural and pleasant for the eyes. Additionally, you will be capable to use this lamp with a dimmer. 10-years warranty proves that the item is quite a reliable solution.


  • It gives a lot of light.
  • The lamp is universal for all types of light items.
  • It is one of the most attractive models due to price.


  • It produces some sound when a dimmer is applied.
  • The lamp attracts the surrounding dust like a magnet.
  • The term of service is less than the one of the expensive brands.

SORAA Radiant Dimmable 60W-Equivalent LED

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If you are searching for a nice natural light that will be similar to the daylight, this variant would be a nice option. The rendering capabilities of the model are at the top level so that you could see everything without obstacles. The lamp is most similar to a standard one but still, it preserves all the energy functions of the LED technology. The 800 lumens light and 2700k temperature are perfect for any type of activity.

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  • Produces a powerful effective light.
  • The rendering of color is amazing.
  • The model has a solid construction that can be relied on.


  • The entire construction becomes warmer than other models of LED light.

Philips SceneSwitch 60W-Equivalent LED

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Philips will present you a nice source of light that has three benefits in a single unit. The bulb has got three light modes within one device to match the needs of the owner in the most appropriate manner. You can forget about the installation of some extra equipment as everything is installed in the lamp. So depending on your preferences between bright light and some ambient relaxing solution, this model will do the work in a nice way.


  • The lamp has three modes of light intensity.
  • The light is universally applicable for all purposes.


  • The warm variation of white casts yellow shadows on the walls.
  • It is not comfortable to read with the light.
  • With the lowest intensity, it is hard to see everything clearly.

Cree TW Series 40W-Equivalent Candelabra Dimmable LED

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LED technology can be utilized for any type of lamp. If you are the owner of a candelabra or any other lighting fixture that uses this lamp, you can freely shift to this variant. It is compatible with a dimmer to create a romantic atmosphere if needed or remove tension from the eyes. Extra durable construction of the lamp makes it a loyal friend that can be relied upon.


  • The dimming runs smoothly.
  • It has a technology that removes extra stress from the eyes.


  • It is heavier than other models of bulbs.
  • It might not fit some standard fixtures.
  • It can produce some pale shades after long-term work.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

This model of the lamp is a part of a whole system of a smart house. All the lamps are united with a single Philips hub that grants an opportunity to perform various functions like working according to schedule, change the brightness and even activate by means of a voice command. You can install any of the available applications for the smart house system that is available for Android and Apple devices and forget about using the switch.


  • The price is adequate for the item of a decent quality.
  • It is simple in installation.
  • The lamp generates a nice and bright light.


  • It utilizes only one white color.

Philips Non-Dimmable Frosted 100-Watt Equivalent LED

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These lamps are characterized with a top level of energy saving as with the brightness of a 100W standard lamp this model consumes only 10% of energy thus saving you 90W of energy. The manufacturer guarantees the term of work of the model to be over 10 years with regular daily exploitation. The brightness of the light is perfect for some work where seeing the details is crucial.


  • It starts almost immediately.
  • The model works even with low voltage sockets.
  • The low temperature makes it safer for utilization.


  • Some people claim that the model has bluish halo during the work.
  • If used as a table lamp, this bulb can be too bright.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED

Another futuristic model is offered by a TP-link brand. The model does not require any additional equipment and can be operated with a standard fixture through a built-in Wi-Fi module. It works with all voice assistants and mobile operating systems and it is really easy to master the item. The bulb brings a new dimension of light where you select how to light and when to light.


  • The model is rather affordable.
  • It includes an effective smart function.
  • Rapid installation is available.


  • It can’t be used with Windows.
  • The available software works slowly due to the weakness of the system.
  • It is not protected for access by other devices.

Feit Electric 6.5W Vintage Style LED

LED technology can take the most unexpected shapes and forms. This amber shining beauty will match those people who want to add some fleur of vintage into their interiors. It looks as one of the first lamps which were used in the past but this option is fully equipped with the diodes which do not consume plenty of energy. The model can be dimmed for the creation of extra coziness and comfort.

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  • It produces a really soft warm light.
  • The lamp works totally mute.
  • The dimming function is performed at a top level.


  • The light is really orange.
  • It won’t be suitable for most interiors.

CPPSLEE – LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

Did you ever dream of having some fire in the house? – Those people who answer in positive will be charmed with this energy saving lamp of an unusual design. A special fumed glass creates a perfect illusion of dancing flame tongues which are moving within the glass shell. However, it is only an illusion and it is totally safe for indoor use.


  • It has an unusual design.
  • The model can become an excellent acquisition for the holiday decoration.


  • The effect is a short termed one.
  • There is no accurate fire emulation as art shows.

TCP 9W LED (60W Equivalent) A19 Light Bulbs

If you wish to stay on a practical side, this option proves its efficiency. These are the simplest LED lamps which are designated to perform the most important role in the household – give light. The models are created of the most durable materials to make a really lasting service. There are various models of brightness and temperature among which a person can select something for the household.


  • It introduces a very versatile construction.
  • The light is perfect for all types of work.
  • Pleasant light is extra energy saving.


  • The higher wattage models produce high-frequency noise.
  • Due to the shape peculiarity, the lamps have an issue of squeezing into a standard fixture.

Tenergy 9W LED Light Bulb (60W Equivalent) A19 Household Bulbs

85% saving on light is possible with Tenergy light. These are the models with a classic A19 fixture so that you were capable to replace all the non-saving lamps into LED solutions. This model introduces an extra light construction with an extremely responsive starter that will generate the light the moment you flip the switch. With such light, you can both rest and perform some important chores about the house.


  • It offers a bright comfortable light.
  • The bulb has an effective starter.


  • The temperature does not allow the item to be used in a closed fixture.
  • There are some issues with the term of exploitation.

AmazonBasics 100 Watt Equivalent

If you are eager to create a nice atmosphere of comfort in the premise, the option like this will be a decent variant. This a simple LED lamp that can be utilized in all standard light fixtures. It produces a gentle light that will not impact the eyes. It contributes to the creation of a relaxation without sacrificing the visibility in the house. You will easily find a nice place for this item in any room.


  • The construction of the model deserves respect due to the solidity of the shape.
  • No flickering and heating present in this model.
  • Without sacrificing the brightness, it will lower the energy bills.


  • Minor fitting issues with some fixtures.
  • There is some slight yellow hue that can be noticed by some people.

Bioluz LED 40 Watt LED Light Bulbs (Uses 6 Watts) ECO Series Warm White

Here is another minimalistic bulb solution. This model is universally applicable for all the standard lamps. It offers a decent light dispersement through the white fumed glass that enhance the power of the light flow to a greater extent. The model is certified for the use in both dry and humid places so that you could apply it either indoors or outdoors.


  • It boasts with an extreme brightness.
  • The bulb doesn’t become hot.


  • After a long term of exploitation, it can start producing some annoying buzzing.

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