Best LED Grow Light for All-Year-Round Plant Growth

The plants constantly need solar power. With the lack of light, the flowers and other types of plants become frail and lose the decorative look. Moreover, the seedlings will become weaker and they will develop slower and as a result, the harvest will be reduced.

It is great when people can boast with a well-lit place and the windows at the southern side of the house or flat. If there is no such luxury, people try to use various types of light like ultraviolet, infrared and the most popular led grow light bulbs. For nearly half a century people have been practicing the methodology of extra lighting.

Right now we are observing a tendency where the best led grow lights have conquered the arena of both house growing and industrial greenhouse equipment. They carry the name of phyto lamps.

These lamps are made by means of a combination of a diode and an electronic controller that transforms the light thus achieving a brighter light spectrum. Such an abundance of variations is rather beneficial for the plants and it stimulates the natural processes in the most natural manner.

The Peculiarities of LED Plant Grow Lights

The votes in favor of LED grow lights are equally given by simple flower lovers who like home gardening and by professional organizations which specialize in farming and horticulture. Such a great portion of attention is caused by the following features.

  • The diodes are best-known for their energy efficiency as it takes 5 times less energy to produce the same light as standard lamps do.
  • This is a long-working product that will serve nearly 50k hours and it is enough to cultivate a lot of flowers and plants.
  • It provides a greater level of effectiveness that is most appropriate for speeding up the processes of photosynthesis.
  • The absence of scorching heat is more beneficial for plants as it can be placed close to the leaves without fear to get them burned.
  • The simplicity of lamps makes it possible to install them into standard fixtures without a necessity to buy expensive equipment.
  • Best led grow light is totally eco-friendly as it doesn’t use the mercury-containing element for the production of light.
  • The owners of the models can control the level of lighting making the items equally applicable for light and penumbra loving plants.
  • The diodes lamps are not explosively dangerous and do not contain harmful ultraviolet in their spectrum.
  • The light does not flicker.
  • The lamps can be utilized in the places with high humidity as the shells are totally hermetic.

Top LED Grow Lights Typology

Regardless of the brand of the LED lamp, there are several basic types which are applied for growing constructions.

  • Separate directed light bulbs.
  • Bulbs which are composed of several light sources.
  • The diodes tape which can be glued to any surface.
  • The diodes panels.

According to the spectrum of E27 lamps, there are three major types of lamps:

  • Bicolor – the lamps with red and blue colors.
  • Multispectral – with the addition of special specters.
  • Full spectrum lamps with the fullest color spectrum.

The phyto lamps are introduced in 2 variations

  • 15W – 5 diodes.
  • 36W – 12 diodes.

Bicolor lamps offer high times best led grow lights without which the photosynthesis is impossible. This type of the lamp is used for the following goals.

  • Giving light to the areas which are desperately lacking a real sunlight which are located in the premise.
  • For growing of the seedlings from the seeds.
  • For granting light to young plants which are at the vegetation stage.
  • It is used as the source of a supplementary source of light for adult plants within the premise and grow boxes together with other lighting elements.
  • Finally, it is applied as a universal lamp for plants during winter in the condition of light deprivation.

A multispectral lamp is a unique tool where the scientists managed to cultivate the maximum stimulation of the blooming of the majority of plants species. The specter of this lamp consists of blue, white and red shades. It is designed for the following cases.

  • Cast light on adult plants.
  • Stimulate blooming and vegetative period.
  • Grow plants in conditions of a total solar deprivation.
  • Penetrate through the plants with heavy foliage.
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Full spectrum lamp includes an incredibly broad spectrum with peak edges in blue and red area. The newest technologies make the range even broader. This type is applied to all types of plants and is the second most popular lamp after bicolor lamps. It is used in the following situations:

  • Provision of the plants with light at all stages of the development even with the absence of light.
  • Universal stimulant for low and high seasons.
  • It is used together with grow boxes in combination with ventilation systems.
  • For demanding plants with peculiar needs.

Best LED Grow Lights for Personal Utilization

Advanced LED Lights – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Vegs and Flowers

This model is a fully American made item for growing plants. With a minimal heat production, it generates a maximum amount of light. It includes 11 variations of light which are enough to support the plants at all stages of the development. There are extra slots for uniting several lamps to cover a larger area with seedlings. 3 years of warranty and metal construction of the shell proves the reliability of the equipment.


  • It has all light types for vegetation of plants.
  • The material is of a high quality.
  • The LED technology is realized with its full potential in the model.


  • The item is vulnerable to water.
  • The system rapidly accumulates dust due to numerous holes.

Apollo Horticulture GL140X5LED Full Spectrum 700W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing

Apollo perfectly understands the importance of the light for the effective growing of the plants. This model does not require extra weight for balancing and it is rather energy effecient. A special type of lighting allows the equipment to be placed closer to the plants without the fear to get them burned. It can be combined with a watering system to bring the entire growing procedure to a total autonomy.


  • The model is available in various sizes.
  • It is a model of a real industrial quality.
  • Small size hides an immense potential.


  • It is hard to find a real deal as it is often imitated.
  • The ventilators are really noisy and there are many of them in the unit.

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600 Grow Lights | High Yield Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Light

This model is introduced by a real leader in the field of horticulture lighting solutions. The Black Dog offers a top quality USA made equipment based on the most innovative researches. The model is rather compact and extremely powerful regardless of the parameters. A narrow construction is designed to penetrate deeper into the leaves of the plants thus stimulating the process of growth and fermentation.


  • Deep penetration into the structure of plants.
  • Excellent effective cooling systems.
  • Top American quality.
  • Innovative original technology.


  • The item is rather heavy.
  • The cooling system is rather noisy.

California Light Works Solar Storm 880w LED Grow Light

This is an excellent section oriented growing light that introduces a stylish red color machine. It is perfect for vegetables and flowers. Four ventilators provide an extra effective cooling of the system making it possible to use several days in a row non-stop. The solid metal construction prevents the dust and dirt from getting into the machine. Finally, it produces all the required light for a normal work.


  • It covers a large area of plants.
  • There is a UV spectrum added.
  • The long-term serving lamps will become an excellent acquisition.


  • The monolith construction is hard to dismantle in case of fixing necessity.
  • It is hard to clean the ventilation systems from the dust.

California Lightworks Solar System 1100 Premium Package – Commercial LED Lighting Grow Light Fixture

This is a real set for the professionals. It contains not only the lamp itself but also some extra tools like trimming scissors for taking care of the plants and even a microscope to see the smallest changes and potential diseases symptoms on the plants. Finally, it is equipped with a pair of glasses to protect the eyes during gardening work. All the items create a superb complex for a professional work.

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  • It is richly equipped with an abundance of tools.
  • It is a real greenhouse system in a tiny body.
  • Perfect for personal business creation.
  • Spectacular 5-year warranty.


  • The price can be really shocking.
  • There are issues with the installation of the fixture – skills are required.

G8LED 240 Watt LED Veg/Flower Grow Light with Optimal 8-Band

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This is one of the best LED lights which can be purchased by a non-professional for indoor growing. The model is composed of a special G8 light which produces all the necessary waves required for the effective growth of all types of the plants. You can forget about switching from one mode to another as this light is universal for both vegetative and flowering periods. Energy effectiveness level is another pleasant trait of this growing equipment.


  • The flow of light is really powerful and is capable to penetrate deep into the leaves.
  • It works equally effective at any stage of the plant’s development cycle.
  • It is universal for all plants species.


  • The equipment needs some basic knowledge and skills.

Heliospectra LX601-C LED Grow Lights

This portable growing light unites 4 types of diodes and each of them produces light of a particular type that can be used for various stages of plant growth. Such an amazing approach can be rarely met in the models of other manufacturers. The units might seem small but their price affords to unite several models into a large system to cover a bigger area. The piece of equipment does not produce any heat so it would be comfortable to use it at home during summer as well.


  • The items can be combined into a large unit via a single cord.
  • The manufacturer guarantees the superb quality and constant support.
  • It has an incredibly full spectrum of light.


  • It is better applicable for industrial use.
  • The price of the item is higher than other less popular brands.

SOL 4 – 400 Watt LED Grow Light

The model is pretty amazing due to a unique approach. The mirrors enhancement function makes it possible to produce more light at a lower cost. Additionally, such construction delivers the quants of light to the plants faster and more effectively. The portability and weigh allows to create a real indoor garden in the room and enjoy both flowers and vegetables all year round.


  • Nonstandard square construction with mirror reflectors.
  • It is equipped with a powerful light enhancer.
  • The construction is light and easy to carry.


  • You need several of these tools to cover a large area.
  • It operates only red spectrum of light.

Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L300

When it comes to energy saving this model will hardly find any worthy opponents. It is said that is capable to save 50% energy if compared to all other models. The versatile construction prevents the risks of breaking and the cooling system ensures low temperature during a long period of exploitation. It can be applied to all types of greenery.


  • It has got a low demand for maintenance.
  • Applicable for all growth stages.
  • Has a powerful and effective radiator for engine cooling.


  • The massive construction is not that attractive.
  • The model is rather noisy because of high engine strength.

Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar V2.0 Flowering LED Grow Light, 240-watt

This model is one of the most renowned growing solutions which was designed since 2008. It uses a small compact construction which contains the diodes producing a full spectrum of light that would be necessary for an effective growing process. A special heat transportation system removes the temperature from the tool and from the plants so you don’t have to fear that it can burn down the plants.

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  • It is designed to work for over 40k hours.
  • It has all types of the light spectrum that are required for the most effective growth.
  • It is applicable to all voltage sockets.


  • Three ventilators are located close to each other and can disrupt the air flow.

Lumigrow Pro 650 650W LED Light System, 85-264V (auto-Switching)

The auto switching function is one of the most desirable options in the lighting equipment for the plant growing. However, this is not the only feature of this model. It is equipped with the diodes of a real industrial quality and you can have professional equipment at an affordable cost. The plants feel like staying under the real light due to the growing light covering of the entire spectrum.


  • Introduces auto switching modes.
  • Combines the light of red and blue spectrums.
  • The energy saving elements preserve 40% of energy.


  • The ventilator produces noise.
  • The handles can break if too much strength is applied.

MARS HYDRO Reflector 480W Led Grow Light for Indoor Plants Bloom Veging Flowering Full Spectrum Grow light for Hydroponics Greenhouse

This bright colored grow light model becomes an excellent assistant in house plant growing hobby. With this little fellow, the owner will be capable to comfortably grow any type of plant during any season. It will be suitable for all stages of growing as the diodes are universally selected to produce the light of the required wavelength. It has several modes for the user to select for a greater comfort during making plant growing business.


  • It has got a full spectrum of light.
  • Cute design for the indoor solution.
  • It has an effective ventilation system.


  • You need to set the timer manually not to burn the plants.

Optic LED Optic 6 COB LED Grow Light 620W (UV/IR)

This futuristic designed growing light model introduces a slightly different technology. It uses a central light for UV emission and miniature light for IR light. In this way, the light is combined in a better way and delivered to the plants faster. Such an approach makes it possible to support the full cycle of plant growth. The aluminum construction removes the heat faster and more effectively than any other metal.


  • Modern aluminum design.
  • Effective control of light intensity.
  • Effective energy output.


  • The area of the light is relatively miniature.
  • It produces only white emitting light.

Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

The model introduces an extremely powerful light that is applicable to the growth of the plants of all types. It prefers aluminum as the main material for body creation due to well-known heat transportation services. The item has a 12-band spectrum for covering the entire spectrum of light. Be sure that your plants will be grateful for such an amazing supportive tool.


  • Applicable to flowers and vegetables.
  • Two spectrum modes.
  • Light portable construction.
  • Full 5-year warranty service.


  • It has only two light modes.
  • There are issues with fan noise after a long time of use.

VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 600W 12-Band LED Grow Light – 3-Switches Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

This is a large professional machine for growing of all types of plants. The size of the device allows covering an extremely large area. The model was created through numerous experiments. You can switch between various types of light to make it applicable for various plants at different growing stages. The model is 70% quieter than other models due to a special technology of frontal fans.


  • Includes 3 years of warranty
  • Has separately controlled areas.
  • Informative control panel included.


  • It is a large complicated machine.
  • You need to know the various nuances of indoor growing.

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