Battery operated outdoor lighting – 25 easy ways to install

Most of the lighting inside a home is connected to the mains power supply however for lighting the areas outside the home, battery operated outdoor lights are more convenient and safer for a number of reasons.

Where to use

The garden and areas outside the home are often exposed to harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, thunderstorms or snowfall and pests like rats, due to which the wire required for electrical wiring of conventional lighting may get damaged.

A damaged electric cable can cause a short circuit, a fire or an electric shock, which can be extremely dangerous. It is also not very easy to lay a cable in areas which are some distance away from the home, a specialized electrician is required, time and money have to be spent for laying the electrical cable.

Advantages of battery operated outdoor lights

Hence increasingly home owners, designers are using battery operated outdoor lights for the outdoor areas of the home. These outdoor lights can be easily installed without calling a specialized electrician and are relatively safe to handle as the voltage and current levels are lower for the battery operated outdoor lighting.

Maintenance of these battery operated lights is relatively simple, if they are malfunctioning either the battery has to be replaced, or there may be a problem in the light. A wide variety of outdoor lights are available depending on the kind of lighting or illumination levels required, mounting or fixing arrangement.

In some cases, only basic illumination is required, other homes, shops and other properties may require to be brightly lit for marketing or other reasons.

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String lights

Many occasions like weddings, birthdays, festivals and other parties are celebrated by illuminating the home, office, shop or other property with string lights. Connecting these string lights to the mains power supply can be risky and expensive, because it can cause an electric shock if the cable is cut or damaged.

So increasingly home and business owners are preferring battery operated outdoor string lights for illuminating their homes, offices and shops on festive and special occasions, which can be easily installed and removed without help from a professional electrician.

Different patterns of outdoor string lights are available in a variety of colours like green, yellow, blue, red, designs, sizes, shapes. These outdoor string lights may be flashing , blinking or steady depending on the desired effect

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