Battery operated ceiling lights – 10 tips for choosing

Switching on and off a pull strings light can be wearisome, while buying a sophisticated wired lighting can cost you dear. To balance both the significant attributes, opt for a battery operated ceiling light. It acts a great substitute to save both time and money.

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Principle of motion sensor activation

The battery operated ceiling lights works on the principle of motion sensor activation. This enables it to switch on automatically when you are 20 feet away, without any manual control. It also detects 30 seconds of no activity and auto shuts off.

This perfunctory mechanism avoids superfluous usage of energy, hence conserving the battery life. No wires translates to less drama in installing the equipment, sans an electrician’s aid.

Once fully charged, the batteries last upto 35 hours of unprecedented light. The built-in LEDs are highly energy efficient and sustain for a long duration, with no replacement needed.

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The battery operated ceiling lights are can be mounted anywhere and are optimal for ceilings, porches, basements, sheds and closets. The cordless lighting offers 100 lumens of neutral white illumination.

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