Antique pole lamps for a better lighting and home aesthetics

Using the antique pole lamps gives the house a different view. You can use either of three antique pole lamps below and enjoy the lighting. The value of the antique pole lamps is very significant in making living rooms and bedrooms a better place.

Parts of the antique pole lamps

The antique pole lamps have different parts which are checked and give the lamps the uniqueness they have. Antique lamp poles have four distinct parts the base, the globe the other parts like the stand and the shade.

The parts are the ones which one verify when buying. While choosing the best antique pole lamp to ensure to check the materials used to make it.

Types of antique pole lamps

Antique pole lamps are of three types. Antique Brass floor lamp which is made of brass, an antique iron lamp which has iron parts and the antique bronze floor lamps.

These antique pole lamps vary even in the price and in designing.

antique pole lamps photo - 1
antique pole lamps photo - 4
antique pole lamps photo - 6
antique pole lamps photo - 8

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