Add Character To Your Outdoors with Antique outdoor lights

Everyone has been obsessed with vintage looks over the last few years, and there’s a logical reason behind it – it’s an easy and simple way to add some character and beauty to both your home and your home’s outdoors.

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Different finishes for different characters


Today, with antique fixtures available in so many different finishes, there’s a lot to choose from. With each different finish having its distinct personality, finding one that suits your home best is not a difficult task.

For instance, you might prefer the old-fangled look that copper antique outdoor lighting or maybe some bronze outdoor lighting that will perfectly blend with your bronze sculptures in your patio.

Remember, for maximum effect, your antique lighting should blend in perfectly with the rest of your outdoors and emphasize your home’s beauty and distinct character.

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Being consistent is key


One way to achieve antique outdoor lights is by keeping the same finish on all fixtures in your garden, as well as the insides of your home. In order to make sure the style and the finish of all fixtures match each other, stay consistent by purchasing from the same manufacturer and the same family of fixtures.

This is important since each manufacturer’s products are different, even though it’s hard to tell at first, keep in mind that even the slightest of difference in the manufacturing process can cause a noticeable difference in colour.

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Last word

The idea behind antique outdoor lights is retaining the old time’s charm. When purchasing antique lighting you’re not purchasing just another lighting fixture, but light design that will instantly transform your garden into a gallery.

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