10 facts about Aldis lamp

Looking for a visual signaling device? Then you need to think about Aldis Lamp. These are focused lamps which can focus pulse lights. These lamps were equipped with optical sights and have many uses.

There are also colored coded lamps that have a wide array of uses. Aldis Lamp derived its name from its inventor, Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis.


Aldis lamps in marine usage. Aldis Lamps can be a great help in marine patrols where radio silence can be observed during war or patrolling. These lamps also used to communicate from one area to another using a Morse code. A morse code is an international military signaling code which short and long dots are code.

Aldis Lamp in air traffic usage. These lamps can be a great help in the airports as they served as a beacon for incoming airplane or choppers. Color coded signal lamps can be used in different ways.


These lamps are highly valuable in different ways as it helps in patrolling and for communication purposes.

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