Ak47 lamp will kill boring interior of your room!

When your friends walk into your living room and see ak47 as a stand for your lamp they will probably have a few questions. To say it is conversation piece is an understatement.

Buy or Diy?

Some shops use real ak47 rifles but some use cheap replicas which is reasonable because the real one weights around 8 pounds. If you decide to paint you ak47 lamp stand no one will know the difference between replica and the real one.

Ak47 lamps are perfect for a man cave and can make really interesting gift for you husband. If you decide to take it up a notch try harder and find ak47 with bayonet.

ak47 lamp photo - 2


Interesting idea I saw some incorporate into ak47 lamp is that it lights up when you pull the trigger, and that makes it fun to use. Some ak47 lamps have option to be powered by vodka instead of electricity which would be amazing gift for your russian friend.

ak47 lamp photo - 4
ak47 lamp photo - 6
ak47 lamp photo - 10

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