Acrylic ball lamp – “A” classic for the design

“A” classic for the design of indoor and outdoor spaces, acrylic ball lamps are always a good option for those looking for new ways of decorating and illuminating spaces. They vary in style and colors and regardless of what your preference is, you can always find something that catches your fancy.

Some of them are even adjusted to work within different colors interchangeably and in synchronization, especially for outside environments such as gardens, pools, or courtyards.


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Acrylic Outside Ball Lamp

For the outside, they can be combined with statues, stones, with fish tanks or fountains. For the inside, they are excellent with living rooms or dining rooms. For bars and party decorations, they are perfect if hanged on the ceiling, especially if the right side of the building is bigger.

You can use acrylic ball lamps for decorating a lounge space, full of bookshelves, discos and paintings. They combine perfectly with chill out environments, where you can read, relax, practice yoga or take a nap. Used in synchrony with light colored walls is a nice combination for an acrylic ball lamp.

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Some considerations

It is important to note that on the style of balls you choose, they can either amplify or reduce the environment’s light, so one might pay attention. Always choose carefully the types of light with the right style of acrylic ball lamps, as some might be more appropriate to a certain kind of ball that reduces the light of the environment, just think about a snooker table for example.

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In addition, you should always make sure that you choose the right ball for the right furniture, some balls might match more with wooden furniture rather than others that would be more suitable for outside environment with threes, for example.

If you are considering a clean and classic design for your environment, an acrylic ball lamp is certainly an idea you should consider for your decoration and illumination plans.

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