Acetylene lamp – 15 ways to have a vintage experience in these modern times

Using an acetylene lamp is one of the ways through which you can get to have a vintage experience in these modern times. Acetylene lamps were the mark of the 17th and 18th centuries. They would especially be used by miners and other outdoor craftsmens such as hunters and insect trappers.

Acetylene lamps faded out of popularity for quite a long while owing to the introduction of battery-powered lanterns and propane illuminated gas lamps. They made a return in the late 19th century but only briefly as they were soon overtaken by other lighting technologies.

They are however resurging in the current world. More and more people across the world are slowly turning to them for outdoor as well as indoor lighting.

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What is an acetylene lamp and how does it work?

For those who aren’t quite familiar with it, an acetylene lamp is a special kind of lamp that uses carbide crystals and water to generate acetylene gas for illumination. For this reason, an acetylene lamp is also usually referred to as a carbide lamp.

In terms of structure and design, an acetylene lamp comprises of a cylindrical handle which doubles up as a reaction chamber and a bell-shaped reflector which provides illumination. Water and carbide crystals are mixed together in the cylindrical apparatus and they react to produce acetylene gas. The gas is then passed through another chamber where it is ignited to produce the yellowish gold luminance that characterises acetylene lamps.

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Why should you buy an acetylene lamp?

If you’re thinking of buying a lamp with which to light up your yard or even your interior rooms, you should give an acetylene lamp a consideration. Here are five reasons why acetylene lamps are ideal lighting options:

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They offer a vintage feel

Like it has already been mentioned, acetylene lamps help bring out a vintage ambience. The brass, bronze, and silver from which most acetylene lamps are made bring remembrance of vintage and antique decors which used to be made from these materials.


They are classy

Acetylene lamps are quite classy because of the vintage mystique around them. In addition to their metallic detail, acetylene lamps also have a unique golden luminance that makes them outstanding. Having a lamp of this sort is therefore a wonderful way to deviate from the norm while adding style and brilliance to your home.



Their illuminative capacities are adjustable

With acetylene lamps, you can be able to control the amount of light that comes off. If you need the light to be brighter, you simply have to adjust the water control knob to let out more water and vice versa. Acetylene lamps are further able to give out a very bright and far reaching luminance which will help you spot objects in the dark.


They are cost effective

Acetylene lamps are a cost effective lighting option. Their prices are relatively affordable and the carbide crystals needed to power them are also quite cheap and long lasting.


They are refreshing and romantic

The golden yellow and vibrant glow of acetylene lamps help to relax and uplift the mood of those around the lamp. The lamps are also quite a romantic lighting option, thanks to their smooth and warm golden glow. You can take advantage of this and schedule a little outdoor camp with your partner and bring along an acetylene lamp.

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Purchase an acetylene lamp

If you’re looking for a change in your outdoor or indoor lighting and lamp, acetylene type of lamps will certainly do. They will offer you great luminance, a vintage feel, and class all in one.










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