Waterford hurricane lamp – Traditional Beauty, Timeless Design

For the discerning homeowner, only timeless classics will do. Pieces that make a statement through elegant design and flawless workmanship.

For over a century, one name in lighting has surpassed all others in creating unparalleled ambiance in the world’s most luxurious homes. That name is Waterford hurricane lamp.

The Waterford Difference

Waterford lighting’s exceptional craftsmanship begins with the highest quality crystal construction. The Waterford hurricane lamp is second to none in elegant esthetic, and expert workmanship.

Precision cut crystal ensures that your Waterford crystal hurricane lamp will make a bold statement in your home for years to come. Crafted to the highest standard by the world’s leading artists in the field, each Waterford crystal hurricane lamp is heirloom quality, and exquisitely designed.

Waterford Sets the Bar for Elegance in Lighting

The Waterford company has been a world leader in beautifully crafted crystal lighting for over a century. When you are designing your home décor, make a Waterford hurricane lamp an essential piece in your traditional home.

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