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While an ordinary lamp does its job of spreading light, there are lamps that make the room look like something out of a fairy tale. Wall mounted light fittings are the most elegant accessories that can accomplish this task.

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This light is not really for the purpose of functionality alone as many people think. It is a style statement that shows your taste and culture.  The many kinds of wall mounted light fittings.

The industrial style light may look old-fashioned but it fits perfectly with the industrial type interiors.  The flexible lamps coated with steel give you a comfortable reading experience. Its flexible neck can be turned the way you want it.

The Scandinavian minimalistic wall fitting is unique in its style but minimalism is the prime idea behind this model.

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Large Models

The frosted glass lamp diffuses the light as if it were snow. The steel mounting has the ability to look part of any modern interior. The sconce wall light may be old fashioned but it will transport you to a period in the past.

There is vintage, gothic, art-deco and classic, take your pick. The brass lamp sports an agreeable combination of subdued style and modern art. It comes with a powerful 80W bulb that easily lights up the whole room.

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